Music 101

In the SCA, music helps create the atmosphere — the “feel” of our events. Music is performed as part of courts, feasts, bardic circles, and competitions. Whether you have a history in music or you are just beginning to take an interest, there is a place for you!

Some musicians perform historical pieces and compose music in historic styles. Other musicians perform and compose music set to existing tunes (often called “filks”). This combination of history and creativity yields a rich diversity. Musicians love to play with others, so join in!

In the Barony of Mag Mor

Vox Volante, the Barony of Mag Mor’s vocal and recorder group, met – pre-Covid – on 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Volkmar & Isadora’s house. We have not yet begun meeting again, but we will. For more information, contact the Vox Volante leader.

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