Some of the most evocative artifacts that have survived from the Middle Ages are beautifully crafted scrolls, books, and manuscripts. Scribes in the SCA maintain this art through calligraphy (the writing styles of the medieval and Renaissance world) and illumination (the practice of painting and inking artwork alongside the writing).

The scribal arts are a common facet of Society life because most awards and honors given to recognize service and skill are accompanied by handcrafted scrolls to document and celebrate the honor.

Constructing scrolls requires many skills. In addition to scribing the words, someone must first compose the words and then someone must design and paint the illuminations.

In the Barony of Mag Mor

Mag Mor artisans prepare scrolls for Baronial awards presented by the Baron and Baroness. They also help illuminate Calontir Kingdom pre-print scrolls.  The Mag More scribes haven’t met for over a year because no scrolls were needed due to the pandemic.  This is changing as activities begin to gear up!

If you are interested in one or more of the activities described above, contact the Scribal group leader at or come to a baronial meeting. All the tools necessary can be provided.