So you want to play in the SCA?

Would you like to play in the SCA?

The SCA is a great organization for those who are curious about history. It is also a wonderful place to make friends and have fun! As an organization, the SCA is focused on the study and recreation of life, primarily in Europe, prior to the 17th century. As such, at events you will see people in funny clothes, doing odd things, and possibly donning armor and hitting each other with sticks wrapped in duct tape.

Members of the SCA love to talk about whatever they are doing, so if you are interested, just ask a question! You’ll learn about everything from their historic references to a comparison of historic & modern methods to their personal delight in their project’s results.

Part of the SCA “feel” is the presence of royalty and titled folk. Bowing and addressing people by title adds to that feel, but that’s another learned skill. Simple, basic courtesy and politeness are always acceptable and appreciated. Above all, have fun exploring the different activities that the SCA has to offer!

If you are curious to know more about the SCA, its origins and daily workings, take a look at these links below:

A general information resource
The SCA Newcomers GuidePrintable Version
Newcomers Portal
What is the SCA?
Details about becoming involved in the SCA
An introduction to Garb – What to wear at events

In the Barony of Mag Mor

For more details about the local group, the Barony of Mag Mor in Lincoln, Nebraska, contact one of the baronial officers here.