Armored Combat is one of the most well-known and widely enjoyed activities in the SCA. Our warriors participate in tournaments for individuals and teams, tactical melees involving dozens of combatants, and even large-scale wars with thousands of participants! Unlike reenactments of battles from history, our combat activities are unchoreographed and the outcome is entirely based on the skill and training of the combatants involved.

Combat in the Society is based on a system of honor and chivalry. Because the combat is full speed and unchoreographed, the combatants themselves determine if the attacks they receive were successful based on the angle, location, and force of the strike. Safety officers, known as marshals, are always on hand to ensure that the combat is performed safely and to ensure that all equipment used meets established safety standards.

The weapons used in our armored combat activities are largely made of rattan, which looks and feels very much like bamboo, but has a solid core. Rattan is a safe alternative to wood for our recreated weapons because it doesn’t splinter like wood.

Our armor is designed to cover important joints and organs so that our combat activities can be both thrilling and safe. We also use shields made from wood or metal that help to protect us.

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In the Barony of Mag Mor

Locally, Mag Mor holds outdoor Fighter Practices at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays, at Woods Park, on the northwest corner of 33rd & J Streets. SCA & local health agency Covid safety restrictions apply. Bring your own water and gear and distance as much as possible.