In the SCA, the art of heraldry includes the awards of merit given to acknowledge various accomplishments. Some awards are recognized Kingdom-wide, while others are specific to their local group. All awards are based on recommendations from the populace.

Anyone can recommend someone for recognition! Calontir Kingdom awards can only be bestowed by the reigning King and Queen, but their people are their eyes and ears. The King & Queen use the award recommendations to help them know who should be recognized.

For a list and description of the Calontir awards, visit Introduction to Calontir Kingdom Awards. To recommend someone receive a Kingdom-level award, go to the Calontir Awards Recommendations online form.

In the Barony of Mag Mor

Mag Mor has several Baronial awards that can be given in honor of an individual’s contribution to the Barony. Click to view all Baronial level awards. Someone receiving recognition at the Baronial level can also receive Kingdom recognition for similar achievements.