Their Excellencies of Mag Mor

Baron Saito Takauji

Baron wearing a patterned coat, wearing a gold coronet, smiling at the camera

Baroness Lelia Corsini

Baroness in a black, gold, and purple dress, wearing a coronet, smiling at the camera

Tofa in eldra Ericksdottir

Lord Aurick Redmark

Minister of Youth
None at the Moment

Goldkey Coordinator
Lady Morgana MacDermott

A woman sitting in a wooden chair wearing a yellow underdress and dark overdress

Lady Lhiannan y Llysieuydd

A coat of arms with a yellow sun and a mortar and pestle on a black background, and a yellow stripe in the middle with three black feathers

Lord Fastmundr Eldjarnsson

Minister of Arts & Sciences
Lady Morgana MacDermott

A woman standing in front of a canvas tent, wearing a long black cloak

Lady Laurencia of Mag Mor

The Webminister wearing an orange flowing dress, holding a spindle and distaff

Deputy Webminister
Lord Fastmundr Eldjarnsson

Crier (Social Media Officer)
Lord Jean Jollivette

Knights Marshal
Graf Volkmar Katzbalger (Interim)

Lord Carlos Xavier de Cadiz