In the Kingdom of Calontir, there are several forms of combat:

  • Armored Combat involves unchoreographed combat by authorized fighters using armor & shields, rattan weapons, and a system of honor and chivalry to determine if an attack is successful.
  • Cut & Thrust Weapons combat involves unchoreographed combat by authorized fighters using blunt steel weapons and (typically) puncture resistant clothing, a fencing mask. and other protective gear.
  • Archery involves recurve and cross bows, both target and combat archery, and target thrown weapons
  • Equestrian Activities involve practicing the games of skill that mounted warriors would have learned in the medieval period, including hitting a quintain and jousting at rings.

In the Barony of Mag Mor

Armored Combat, and to a lesser extent, Cut & Thrust, and Archery are practiced in Mag Mor. For questions about Armored Combat, contact the Baronial Knights Marshal. For questions about Archery, contact the Baronial Archer Marshal. For Cut & Thrust questions, contact the Cut & Thrust Marshal in the Barony of Lonely Tower (Omaha). We do not currently have anyone in Mag Mor who participates in Equestrian activities. If you have questions about equestrian activities throughout the Kingdom of Calontir, contact the Calontir Equestrian Marshal.