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Gyronny arrondy of six gules and Or, a bordure azure

Vilhjálmr Hálftroll

Award Date Award Name
10-28-2006 Cambroges
10-21-2007 Ancaire
08-23-2008 Ancient Aurochs
12-14-2008 Crodth Catha
04-26-2009 Golden Feather
04-25-2010 Order of the Fianna of Mag Mor
05-01-2011 Espiritu Mag Mor
04-07-2013 Golden Feather

Kingdom Awards

Award Date Award Name King Consort
2015-08-22 Territorial Baronage Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis Bele Anna de Rugé
2016-08-27 Iren-Hirth Duncan Bruce of Logan Ylva Jonsdottir
2009-01-17 Torse Luther Ambossfaust Mærwynn of Holme
2009-06-14 Iren-Fyrd Martino Michel Venneri Ariel of Glastonbury Tor
2010-01-02 Golden Calon Swan Hirsch Ross Eichman Magdalena vander Meere
2014-08-23 Leather Mallet Agamemnon Platylithodae Gwen A'Brooke
2008-01-19 AOA-Simple Angelo Paolo Cavilli Jane Corwin