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What's different about Baronial Awards?

The awards on this page are specific to the Barony of Mag Mor. They were created in order to honor work within our local branch of the SCA.

As servants of the crown, the Baron and Baroness are able to give awards to their populace and to friends of the Barony. These awards only affect the order of precedence within the barony and have no bearing on a person's status within the kingdom at large.

To see the award recipients catagorized by Baronage click here. To find recipients by the awards they have won click on the title of that award.

Recommend someone for a Baronial Award

Anyone can recommend someone for a Baronial award. Click the link above to send an email to the Baronage. Be sure to include the reason you are recommending that specific person for the award!

Awards of Distinction

Golden Apple

Recognition of a child's interest in the Barony and the Society

Golden Feather

Recognition for bringing honor to the barony through an act or deed that doesnt build ones own nest but rather creates wings for others. Can be earned an unlimited number of times


Recognition for exceptional promise as a citizen of the Barony.

Adharc Or

Recognition of great promise in the Arts and Sciences.


Recognition of time and services given freely to aid others and the Barony.

Ancient Aurochs

Recognition for exceptional skill in arms and distinguished participation in tournaments and wars.

Crodth Catha

(Battle Cattle) The militia of Mag Mor. Archers and newly authorized fighters are eligible for this award. Membership is done by polling the current members and then recommending the individual to the Baronage.

Awards of Merit

If you are curious to see who is in each order, follow the link in the title of the award.

Order of the Cridhe Mor

(The Great Heart) Beylerbei Miklos, premier. Recognition of the highest level of service to the Barony.

Order of the Gwyneth Clorsach

(Gwyneth Harp) Mistress Gwyneth Espicier, premier. Recognition of the highest dedication and skill in the arts and sciences and in teaching and inspiring others.

Order of the Fianna of Mag Mor

Graf Volkmar Katzbalger, premier. Recognition of exceptional fighting skill as well as all the knightly virtues of chivalry, honor, service and skill in the gentle arts.

Espiritu Mag Mor

Master Owain ap Bleddyn y Llwyd, premier. Given once a year to the one person who best represents the spirit of Mag Mor.

Aye Tor

Given in recognition of great skill in archery.