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Adel das Rote
Aelfstan Faestenwulf the Wulfinges
Agnes de Lanvallei
Aibhilin inghean Chuinn
Ailis an Ruagaire
Alan Wigness
Alatheia the Harper
Alewyn Morwood
Alexander Kenneth MacLeod
Alys LaRoy
Amanda the Brave
Ana Braganza la Viajera
Per pale Or and vert, a vol and in chief an annulet counterchanged Angelo Paolo Cavelli
Angus de Monfort
Anne of Mag Mor
Aoibheil Duillieth
Aquinis De Bracy
Archana Sauchikah
Arne Tostigson
Arthur von Katzwald
Per pale sable and azure, two roses slipped and leaved in chevron inverted and a wolf passant argent Asa Lufa
Atrus de Beaumont
Audrey D'Arcy
Aurik of Mag Mor
Avalon of the Bull Pytt
Aviendha of Mag Mor
Barbary Elspeth Ham
Beatrix Funteyn
Bechte von Holzburg
Belinda of Mag Mor
Gules, on a bend sinister embattled counter-embattled cotised plain Or, three grenades palewise sable flamed gules Boris Nemtsov
Per pale gules and vert all semy of lit candles Or Bran the Dark
Brannock MacConn
Brianna the Fair
Bristol de Bruis
Cainnear MacGregor
Per pale gules and argent, a mascle per pale argent and sable Calien McFers
Callaghan MacFerr
Per chevron purpure and sable, two chalices argent and a three-headed wheat stalk Or Carlos Xavier De Cadiz
Caroline Jean Bonette
Caterine le Jeune
Catherine Anne Jourdayn
Caylee McFers
Cera ingen Ruadhan
Purpure, on a pile issuant from dexter argent cotised Or a butterfly purpure Chiara di Paxiti
Christien Alluns von Falkschild
Per bend sinister argent and purpure, a unicorn rampant counterchanged within a bordure sable Chrystal Connaghty
Daelin Arinbjorn
Deinol of Llananno
Deirdre ingen Cholmáin
 Argent, a triangle voided, issuant to dexter from its apex, a pennon sable Demetrius Miothophoros
Diania of Neusohl
Dragi the Serene
Dubghan MacGregor
Dwolm Rede
Eirik Svidbalki
Per bend engrailed argent and azure, a dove volant and an escallop counterchanged Eleanor Deyeson
Argent, in pale a dragon passant gules and a chalice pean Eleanor Margaret Marchand
Elisabeth Chretien
Elizabeth of Mag Mor
Elspeth McRath
Gules, a flute bendwise within an orle of musical notes Or Emelye Tayte
Eremon O'Ferganainm
Eric the Quiet
Erin of Mag Mor
Etienette l'Bluet
Per pale, pupure and vert, a bear sejant erect Or maintaining a tankard bendwise sinister Argent Fastmundr Eldjarnsson
Fearadach MacGregor
Per fess sable and Or an increscent Or and a penguin sable  marked argent maintaining a sword bendwise sable Ffelix Æskelsson
 Per chevron sable and Or, two hops Or and in base a hound's head affronty couped sable, issuant from a grape vine vert, fructed with three clusters of grapes purpure Gerald Goodwine
Gregory of Claybaugh
Grimbald Fleetfoot
Gryphon of Mag Mor
Gunter de Bohun
Argent, a cinnamon tree eradicated vert within a bordure wavy azure, seme of cloves argent Gwyneth Espicier
Per bend argent and vert, a square weaver's tablet palewise and another bendwise counterchanged Gyða glóra
Halldóra Guðrøðardóttir
Hans Gruetmen
Iago Goodwin
Ilyana of Tuloc
Azure, a chatloup salient and a dexter tierce Or Ingeborg bildsbriótr Ulfsdottir
Isabeau de lay Fey
Sable, two needles inverted in saltire argent, threaded Or, and on a chief argent, three garbs sable Isabeau Jehanne
Ermine, chaussé-ployé sable, an orange tree eradicated proper Isadora of Orangewood
Iustina Courthenay
Ivar of Mag Mor
Jacob Narmor
Azure, a triskelion of legs Or between three bezants Jane Corwin
Jason Dwolmredeson
Purpure, a drinking jack between two barley stalks stems crossed in base, and on a chief embattled Or, three daggers inverted sable Jean Michel Guicard
Jeff Brunner
Jenny Del Est
Jocelyn of Mag Mor
Joel Dwolmredeson
Counter-ermine, on a pile Or an owl sable John Richard Beauchamp
Jon MacGregor
Judith Culpepper
Karina Stott
Katalina Nevyle
Katarina Anastasia Mestrovna
Kathie of Mag Mor
Kathrine of Mag Mor
Kendra von Beck
Khuden Volkov
Killian lo Schermidore
Kimberly of Mag Mor
Kyrstin Bjolfsdottir
Per bend purpure and azure, an arrow bendwise between two pomegranates slipped and leaved argent Lelia Corsini
Per pale vert and Or, three chevronels braced and in chief three compass stars counterchanged Leofwyna le May
Azure, a quill pen between flaunches Or Lorenzino Bartolome dei Albizzi
Per saltire sable and ermine, a Maltese cross and a skull argent Lucius Angelini de Santa Croce
Luther Randwulfsson
Maire Holefinder
Margaret de Creke
Marianna Stellamaris
Mathildis of Mag Mor
Sable, an escutcheon within an orle of crosses formy argent Maximillian Johann von Kleve
Michelina MacGregor
Per saltire Or and vert semy of patriarchal crosses Or, two kraken vert and for augmentation, on an escutcheon overall purpure a cross of Calatrava Or within a bordure ermine Mikhail Nikolaevich Kramolnikov
Or, a tortoise rampant brandishing a scimitar azure within a bordure sable Miklos Gajo
Miranda of Mag Mor
Mjaðfriðr Gerðfinnudottir
Morgana of Mag Mor
Or, a winged mermaid proper crined gules wings displayed crowned of a county coronet, a bordure vert Morgana of Raglan
Lozengy argent and azure semy of hop cones stems to chief, on a lozenge Or a spearhead sable Murdoch Macfarlane
Natalya Alekseya Vasilova
Azure, a bell and on a chief invected argent, three roses azure Niamh of Fairford
Nicholas of the Bull Pitte
Nicole of Mag Mor
Per chevron, sable and argent, a domestic cat sejant erect affronty, counterchanged Odierne Lion
Oliver Katzbalger
Argent, a cross bretessed vert between in bend two crosses sable Osric atte Bek
Otto of the Bull Pitte
Purpure, a chevron between three feathers Or Owain ap Bleddynellwyd
Patrick Davenport
Patrik MacGregor
Perrin Ffelixson
Phillip MacGregor
Raizel Madelaine DeLyons
Ramons Io Montalbaes
Argent, a wolf rampant to sinister sable and three wolves' teeth issuant from sinister gules, all within a bordure sable Randwulf aus dem Schnee
Raynaldus Fletcher of York
Sable, a sun Or eclipsed by a fountain, a base rayonny Or Rayya bint Da'ud al-Zahra'
Reinhard Krug
Per bend vert and azure, a bend sable fimbriated between three apples Or Rhiannon of Lough Derg
Robert de Dunalastair
Rosa LaStrange
Ruthie Radloft
Sabi Constance
Sabine Leysmith
Saige Fairchild
Or, on a pale sable three cherry blossoms Or Saito Takauji
Sakura Hatsuko
Purpure, a salamander tergiant Vert flamed Or Salamandra the Whitesmith
Sara Sophia von Kolmar
Per pale gules and sable, a cockatrice displayed Or, on a chief counter-compony gules and argent three garbs Or Sashatec Nickali Koliskof
Per bend sable and Or, a seahorse erect contourny bendwise sinister counterchanged Seraphina Brugari
Severin Von Stroheim
Sigtrygg Foamcarver
Sonja of Mag Mor
Tamison Goodall of Manchester
Tara of Mag Mor
Temair Mallaghan
The One called Dave
Theron Bookseller
Theron Magnus
Thomas Braveheart
Toli the Curious
Tristram Hunter
Uluric of Silvertree
Argent, a coney salient gules gorged of a coronet Or within a bordure rayonny gules Vasilla Anastasiia Krasnaia Posadnitsa
Gyronny arrondy of six gules and Or, a bordure azure Vilhjálmr Hálftroll
Per pale sable and gules, two halberd heads addorsed and in chief a lucy Or Volkmar Katzbalger
Wilhelm of Mag Mor
William Blacktongue
William of Mag Mor
Wolfram Von den Schwartzen Rose
Ymir the Ganger
Yvette of Mag Mor
Zvonimira Raina Koszmider