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In the SCA, the art of heraldry includes the awards of merit given to acknowledge various accomplishments. Some awards are recognized Kingdom wide, while others are specific to their local group.

Mag Mor has several Baronial awards that can be given in honor of an individual's contribution to the Barony. Those are listed here.

Kingdom awards are given based on recomendations from the populace (which can be given by clicking below.) These awards can only be bestowed by the reigning king and queen of Calontir.

There are many different types of awards that can be received but only three "tiers" of awards are recognized. They are listed below.

1. Award Of Arms (AOA) - This type of award acknowledges promise within the kingdom and grants its recipient the honor of being known as a Lord or Lady.

2. Grant Of Arms (GOA) - This type of award acknowledges great skill within the kingdom and its recipient may be addressed as Lordship or Ladyship.

3.Patent of Arms (POA) - This is the highest tier of award that can be received; it recognizes great skill and the recipient is admitted into one of three orders (depending on what the award is given for.) The recipient of this award should be adressed as master or mistress, or in the case of knights, Sir.

If you would like to know more about the awards used in Calontir check out this article.

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